Generational Spirits & Healing

Notes from a talk given by Fr Joseph Ianuzzi

"Adam ate the apple.. and our teeth have been hurting ever since!" The truth is that after the Fall, our powers have become impaired. Human nature is comprised of two parts - body and soul. Of the powers accorded body and soul, the three most important are intellect, memory and will.

Before the error in the garden, Adam could tri-locate. Adam co-operated in the work of creation, that is, in the past, in the present and in the future. In Eden, Adam lived in a constant state of praise, in a 'hymn of love'. He worshipped God in and through creation itself.

The sun conceals God's brilliance. His luminance, which illuminates the sun, is the uncreated light, without beginning, without end. God is the eternal light. The sun is created light, with the stars, the moon, all creatures, all living things: all these were made by God for Adam & Eve. Adam blessed, worshipped, and praised God. Adam could peer behind creation. But being able to live fully in the divine will was impaired after the Fall.

The Heart is the Eucharist [Remedy for impairment]

Christ's heart is the Eucharist. The Blessed Sacrament is the Sacred Heart of Jesus. During the 1970s, in conjunction with advancements in analytical capabilities, scientists examined and tested four holy relics: the Shroud of Turin, the Sudarium Christi [face cloth of Christ], and two miracle communion hosts. The first eucharistic miracle dating from the 8th century (750), is the miracle of Lanciano in which a consecrated host transformed into a piece of human heart, and remains in this state to this day.

The second from the church of St. Christina in Bolsena, Italy 1263, when part of a communion host became real blood and marked a linen cloth that has remained moist upon the same cloth for eight centuries. The Feast of Corpus Christi was inspired and created by this event, instituted by Pope Urban IV in 1264. O Salutaris Hostia (O Saving Host) and Pange Lingua Gloriosi were written at the time of this miracle for the liturgy for the Feast of Corpus Christi by St Thomas Aquinas and are used widely today for benediction before the blessed sacrament as adoration hymns.

The test results of these four miracle objects confirmed the presence of myocardial (heart) tissue and the same blood type, AB positive blood [the rare universal donor blood, today at 3% of world population. Christ did not die of asphyxiation upon the cross, as popularly attributed, but from a ruptured heart, physical heart failure.

Generational contagion

By sin, Adam lost the rights of minion and authority over creation. The more we sin the more nature groans, the more natural disasters will come.

Adam's mistake extended through his descendants, first, as when Cain murdered Abel. Sin is transmitted by birth. We have inherited sin and we suffer to this day. Sin moves through genealogy, through the generations. Sin is in our family tree but is also contagious.

Original sin is "predispositional", it has predisposed us to personal sin. Personal and ancestral sin reinforce and specify the effects and imports of original sin. Offspring suffer the sins of the fathers. A son is punished by, but not blamed for the sin of the father. Alcoholism is an example of sin that can be transmitted to offspring.


The prophecy of Fatima declared that many are going to Hell, because not enough souls are praying for them. Yet, "No one goes to Hell alone" and… "No one goes to Heaven alone"

We are mystically-spiritually connected to all others. What each of us does affect all other people. If all crimes were studied in terms of family lineage we could discover a common pattern - people become who their ancestors have been. As original sin affects us so do ancestral sins. [Sin is almost (locally) ‘genetic’, in a sense]. Negligence and ignorance are the common reasons for transmission of generational errors and sinfulness.

The Spiritual & The Physical

How do the spiritual and the physical fit together? In any one person, there are some 3 billion genetic factors that determine proper state of being or disposition. Yet there is need for only one single gene defect to create a genetic disease.

Spiritual contamination effects genetic diseases or contributes to defective genes, and gene errors. Scientific research cannot explain all disease occurrences, but there is evidence of the intertwining of spiritual unhealth and physical addictions. Unclean spirits can cause disease. [True example of woman who's tumor was cured the night before planned surgery.]

And yet not all ailments are produced by evil. Sometimes an illness is occurring in a soul because God means to deliver the sufferer from affliction, for His glory. It is by divine providence in some cases and not inheritance.

The cure for ancestral sin equals healing the family tree, which involves acquiring something new, and not so much getting rid of something from before. Healing of physical ailment is contingent upon spiritual healing.

Forgiveness effects molecular changes, and effects healing. Many scientists have affirmed the effect of prayer on recovery from sickness and disease. What is preferred is preventative healing which involves praying for continuity of health. Few people do this.

Nine Steps to Family Lineage Healing

1 Recognize afflictions, determine specific disorders carrying through consecutive generations. 2 Repent of personal failures and make sincere confession to a priest. 3 Forgive all ancestors with deepest act of forgiveness, which is very powerful and [even] medicinal. 4 Exorcism prayer. The Our Father will work i.e. "deliver us from the evil one" 5 Consecrate oneself and family to Mary and Jesus, to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts 6 Appeal to God's angels - archangels. 7 Place the blood of the cross between each generation of persons to dissolve bondage patterns 8 Ask holy angels to stand guard over the family and family lines 9 Frequent prayer and sacramental participation