Men's spiritual care fellowship:

Recovering sex addicts & compulsives
seeking sobriety - accepting salvation
with faith in the power of The Savior

This site shares the good news of Jesus Christ, doctor.

The sick and suffering need a doctor. Addiction obsession compulsion is sickness and suffering. 

Sex addiction is perhaps the most difficult addiction to overcome.   The 'bottle' is inside the human body, the battle is over the mind.

A company of elders and fellow pilgrims find us on the road to recovery from "sexaholism" and "lust intoxication", which can take many forms.
Each person brings a gift of assistance.

One Doctor stands over all, the One who alone grants final deliverance from addiction.    Jesus Christ.

This web resource explains, with unusual care, especially for those who have suffered a long time, how the ministrations of the Catholic Church meet the malformations of human sexual faculty or lust:     sexual perversions, sexual intoxication, sexual obsession, sexual compulsion, masturbation, masturbation addiction, pornography, pornography addiction, lust addiction, sexual lifestyle, sexual orientation, sexual enslavement, sexual brokenness, sexuality disconnected from its serious purpose, creation of a human child.

The opposite of sex addiction is having custody of one’s thoughts, eyes and heart - custody of one's sexuality and person, as something holy, which is called chastity.

This site is not authored by clinicians, but by those who have endured directly the numerous physical, emotional and spiritual symptoms that accompany the universal struggle with the body and mind, the soul sickness which is  called lust.   It is a community sharing the way to living enlightened choices and finding freedom from the tyranny of addiction.

All of the information here points to the Highest Power, Jesus Christ.                               

Jesus is Healer through His instrument, Holy Church. The Church is not a building, nor the people in it. The Church is an outreach of caring and healing in a multitude of forms, every one of them rooted in and delivered by the Savior, in mediations both visible and invisible.

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Contact us at any time if you need help or encouragement or if you would like to join the meeting in central Maryland. The meeting is held the first Thursday of the month 7 – 8:30 PM, in the Library of the Shrine of St. Anthony 12290 Folly Quarter Road, Ellicott City, MD 21042.  

This website is published with the intent of helping to form new meeting chapters in other diocese.   

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