No One is Unsaveable 

Part of addiction recovery is the recovery from the perspective: "I have to earn God's love first, or do something to deserve his favor of sobriety. This is human and probably common. For Christians, freedom from addiction is not just in the interest of survival, it is part of salvation. We do not have to become perfect in order to obtain the blessing of sobriety.Jesus Christ is the (only) perfect offering, who is living today and forever, and who has made the atonement for our forgiveness and the release from our particular prison. Christians are those who accept this incredible gift, Jesus' all, from God, and willingly say yes to have God at the center of all things.

Another hurdle is feeling unworthiness for the cure. The addict is layered with cobwebs of doubt and resistance. Something in us seems to preclude our meriting the lavishness of Jesus' sacrifice. Something cannot quite let go of a way of life, the very means of coping under the burden of old, unchosen wounds. We have only to look upon the many moments in the psalms to be reminded Who God is, who we are, and wisdom to know the difference.

Psalm 113

Who is like the Lord, our God, who is enthroned on high

And looks upon the heavens and the earth below?

He raises up the lowly from the dust;

From the dunghill he lifts up the poor

To seat them with princes

With the princes of his own people

Psalm 126

When the Lord delivered Zion from bondage,

it seemed like a dream.

The heathens themselves said: "What marvels the Lord worked for them!"

Deliver us, O Lord, from our bondage

as streams from dry land.

If heathens can be witnesses of marvels God does, who are we not to. The lust addict is poor in strength, poor in virtue, lowly, and yes even heathen. Yet God does not scorn or refuse the fallen man. Nay, he sends His Son Christ, to deliver the sinner and the habitual sinner from all evil desires,as he did most prominently for the Magdalen. She arrives at the tomb Easter morning first, formerly the severest of sinners, a fornicator.Jesus assures the most debilitated; My remedy is true, My remedy is constant, My remedy is forever. The very worst of you, hear when I call, come, come to Me.

The order of flowing tears; of our coming into the light of the acknowledged and confessed past; the letting go, one by one, memories of old sins, wrong choices, painful errors and disordered habits; real and total forgiveness, the opening of scripture, the Word dawning in the light of newly appearing understanding, that God has always known our sins: it is all the mercy of Him Who is sought. Despite our previous illiteracy, we begin to see how clearly it was written all along, how darkness and wound give way to light and health; all of these are the unfathomable beauty and glory of the movement of the Advocate, the One sent after Christ's Ascension.

All of this flowing from a divine caprice, makes sinners cry tears of confoundment mixed with speechless gratitude at being so richly provided for, whom before were always so poor. The finger of God lifts back our little wing, the eye of God falls upon our wound, the purity of God cauterizes it, weeping we find the home of His Infinite embrace, tears that sublimate into the marvelous joy of believing, soul safety. Gratitude and praise for all holy things which deliver us.

Those who are sowing in tears will reap when they sing!