Purity and Chastity 

Purity and Chastity: select quotes from talks by Fr. Clement Machado

We ponder this month the familiar titles and icons: The Sacred Heart of Jesus and The Immaculate Heart of Mary. Do they express something perhaps previously unnoticed? May we eternally give thanks to the Father, that purity and chastity are hungered for in the depths of all human hearts. God has shown us the way to purification, the source of purity, Himself. Has any other church ever upon earth so clearly revealed the remedy for defilement and uncleanness?

God works through the hearts of Jesus and Mary. The basis of the heart of Mary is purity, who is the purest creature ever created by God.

St Bonaventure declared:"God could not have given us a more perfect Mother".

Chastity is a great struggle for many today. Our world today is impregnated with the Satanic Spirit. Immodest dress translates into "I am available".Television, particularly in soap operas, fixates upon "free sex", promiscuity, endless relations, homosexuality... What is next? Paedophilia?

It is asked: How are we dressing? Are we modest? A respect for self and a respect for God is reflected in our dress. Modesty is not about ostentation or expense. Priests dress in a certain way and this reflects a whole mindset [human dignity, being children of God.] We should ask:what is indecent? Adam and Eve lost their innocence through sin.

We dress for the chastity of others. No one dresses accidently, it reflects a choice. What kind of spirit is influencing our choices?

When we dress we give witness to God, to God's people, as God's people.

Workplaces often have dress codes. They are about functionality, efficiency, safety and express standards of quality and service.We should be like this, we should stand for something.

At weddings today, do we often find lavishness and no effort sacrificed, to get 'dolled up' and then later go to church with the dullness of leisure, dressed in the banal, the trite and the casual?

We must strive for excellence: purity, chastity, modesty. Modesty equals basic decency, regard for one's self. If we are known to be Christians, everything we do is scrutinized.We must be vigilant. We must not dress, talk or behave for ourselves, but remember that we do so as witnesses, as God's children.

In the military, there is no place for what is casual. The military is about professionalism, and there are standards. So it should be for us.

Jesus instructed: Be ye holy as your Father is holy. Be ye perfect as your Father is perfect.

We must be perfect: professional, focused, attentive, modest, pure, chaste.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary come into us and change us and lead us into virtues and perfection of virtues.

Attractiveness is different than being provocative. Attractive is good; to provoke is evil. Immodest people dress because of insecurity - a subliminal need for attention, an unconscious reaching out. One might say to the immodest: "Your insecurity is showing!". Some look for "security" in being provocative, able to gather attention.

The saints give witness in their words and titles. Reflect on:Joseph, most chaste spouse.Mary, most holy virgin.

Married couples too must cultivate purity and chastity, to strive for cleanliness and chastity in courtship.

Follow the classic teachings of the Church: courtship beyond six-months is dangerous.[There are differences between dating and romance:] dating is getting emotionally involved with someone, romance causes higher risks for couples.

Historically was there ever such a thing as casual dating? No. Casual dating is a relatively recent phenomenon, a modern development.

Marriage was historically a stronger institution [because people knew, even if sometimes unconsciously, the pure, eternal, nuptial meaning of the body; that intimate relations has the God-made power of life-long bonding between a man and a woman.Sex before marriage makes lust the principal bond between two spouses and one ends up marrying 'an experience' instead of a person.]

Marriage is not "50-50"; it is not a business proposition.

Purity of intentions, purity of love, purity of chastity:this is what works. Marriage is the fundamental relationship in society [it is the oldest vocation, older than priesthood.]The state of marriage dictates the health of society.We have today a broken society.

God did not create divorce. Humans created divorce.

Casual dating is only trouble and there is no logic for this. Casual dating leads to confusion and frustration. People today are eager to "date" and are reticent about commitment and marriage.

The Church teaches what it does about the vocation of marriage based on many, many years of discernment, of wisdom, [being faithful to the revelation of God about the human person].

The Sacred Heart of Jesus and The Immaculate Heart of Mary can heal the wounded, those who feel impure, through incest, molestation, paedophilia, violation, abuse, through any suffered impurity.

Agape, selfless, chaste love - where there is this love, there is God.Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est.


Shape me Lord, form me Lord, make me your beautiful servant, keep me chaste, pure and holy. The Son of the living God can purify us. Amen.

Post Script: Do not let Satan take over your hearts.

Jesus told Blessed Miriam of Jesus Crucified: "If you give me your heart, I will never leave you."