Jesus, let me...

Jesus, let me…

Bartimaeus was asked what Christ could do for him. He responded: Lord, let me see.

The request is profound. It expresses the true reality of poverty. Bartimaeus knows what he lacks, he stands in it. But how can he also know what he doesn’t (yet) know? Though he only perhaps senses it…  by grace.

What can Jesus do for addicts and compulsives? Has it been asked, pondered, begged?

Lord I too want to see. You are doctor and king, let me see that I am not a hopeless case, an incurable cripple, a permanent leper. Please say I have a basis in my faith request of You Who Only can re-create the created.

The coming of the Kingdom is our hope, our way out. Through The Saint Luisa Piccarreta comes the knowledge that: for the one who lives in the Divine Will, human volition ceases.

St. Paul: “It is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose.” -Phil. 2:13.

Stephen Patton writes these words, which cry out to the little ones we are: The soul sees that it is ultimately God who resists sin, within the soul’s victories over temptation.

Jesus, I want to overcome, by Your grace let me overcome.

Jesus, I want to die in You, by Your grace, let me die in You.

Jesus, let Your Divine Will pulverize in the root of my heart, that sin, that it cannot afflict in relapse anymore.

Jesus, let stubbornness of stupidity and blind willful reflex, by Your grace, be inactivated in me.

Jesus, I want to topple the enemy, by your grace, let me conquer the flesh.

For reflection

In the desert, we will see the idols in our hearts. -- Isaiah 19:1

…during these 40 years in the desert, that you may know what was in your heart.. –cf Deuteronomy 8:2

Resist, insist, persist… never desist! – the victim of Colombia

The Church will always remain a church of sinners, but also a church of saints.

Mary tells us that, however low man may fall, it is never too low for God, Who descended into hell.

However deviant our hearts may be, God is always greater than our heart. -- 1 John 3:20

Blessed, blessed, and blessed again! Having accepted me by the same faith, raise me up from my fallen state, O Benefactor; cure me of the maladies of disease, O Merciful; bring me back to life from the edge of death, O Life, for I am yours. So, make me live, O Refuge. Grant me, a dead person, the breath of life, O Resurrection. -St Gregory of Narek