Perpetual Renew

To the long suffering, could the catholic life of sacramental faith ever become stale, too familiar, to the point of tedium or impotency?

Could the Divine at work in the communion of grace, be lost to some thought of limitation?

These are questions invoking doubt and precipitating from a limited human mind and will. Small thoughts small gods?

At the incept of all such doubtful thought, back to the beginning we must go. Back to real faith.

Faith is everything.

Faith is constancy – extreme patience for the miracle of freedom to always be allowed to be hoped in, and dared to arrive. St Mary Magdalene, constant woman, pray for us!

Faith is to not ever forget what Divine Mercy bestows, and ever bestows.

Faith is knowledge of Unlimited Beneficence.

If God is Eternal Life [I Am], then He is alive, rich with potency, beyond human tiredness or fatigue.

The Heavenly Sovereign always begins again, and again, with freshness and surprise.

Have we forgotten the fire of God’s Majesty, the inextinguishable, self-enkindling marvel of uninterruptible flowing Power, Living Flame… ?

Everyday, the Lord sets before His believers the most astonishing meal.

It possesses the power to make happy and completely new.

His Nature is perpetually new and He imparts this start-clean-again quality to the Bread He serves and allows to be proved with creature faith.

As we come to Jesus the Renewal, He makes everything new continually.

Behold, I make all things new!

Have we forgotten that “all things” means all things? …like, spiritual exhaustion, journey tedium, life weariness, unyielding impossibilities, torpor and repetition, poor faith, unending recovery… are these not trifles before the silent might of the Divine Will’s consuming furnace?

Lord Jesus have mercy on us of little faith. Amen.