Prayer Armory

Prayer is truly essential in addiction recovery. The 'armory' of prayers below often recognize the Enemy and his unclean spirits and beg the Divine Defense against them. They range from healing prayers to deliverance prayers to prayers of exorcism, which are here totally distinct from Minor Exorcisms of the Church - which do not require Archdiocesan approval, and the formal (high, Latin) Rite of Exorcism which does, and which are both conducted only by catholic priests with faculties.

Use them as often as necessary and remember that there is mighty power in the name of Jesus, because He is present in His very name, and His name is above all other names in Heaven, on the earth and under the earth. Believe in this Name!

Do not pray like "magic" should immediately happen. The effect of a prayer is very rarely instantaneous, but typically as a gently invading peace. Prayers accomplish their work on a spiritual (unseen) level, which beg the action of God, Who never 'reacts', because He is already in charge and knows what we need before we ask and is in control over all things. Stay calm. The flesh seems to lag slightly behind the mercurial realm of spirit. Pray with faith, sincerity, humility and be patient and trust. And wait.

If you are feeling panicky or unstable or unsure, call a trusted brother and pray with him.